Top 6 Apps for You to Use While Being a Student

Technological advancements have made human life much easier. From worrying to wake up in the morning to asking someone to drop you off at your stop, the society today is transforming. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology has become our backbone since the past few years. Now, you don’t need your mom to wake you up in the morning or run to libraries to find one specific book you want to do research from.

Fortunately, there are applications that help you keep everything organized. Considering how things become messy when your college starts and you start getting your assignments and quizzes. For that we have compiled a list of some useful applications which might help you while you are enjoying your student life.

1. Office Lens

Office Lens app for students help.

Office lens is a Microsoft product which allows you to take snap shots and pictures of your notes, documents even notes written on the whiteboard. The starting package is free on all platforms (IOS, Android, and Windows). It is a portable scanner which can capture shots and easily transfer them digitally to be converted into Word and PowerPoint files. Not only useful for educational purposes, Office Lens is able to keep track of all your receipts, business cards as well as sticky notes.

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app for better education.

You don’t have to wake up to your mom shouting in your ears anymore to get ready. In order to be active, sleep is necessary for you to be bright next day. Sleep Cycle takes care of your sleeping routine and creates a pattern depending upon how much you sleep in a day. When completing your restricted sleeping time, it gently starts to ring when you are in your lightest sleep. The basic version of the application is free but you can also buy a premium account with heart rate tracking and snore detection functions.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist app for best study help

This application works wonders for those who forget the deadlines and are always running behind the schedule. Wunderlist is designed to keep all your assignments organized and allows you to keep reminders of important deadlines or presentations. This applications lets you share your schedule with your family and friends so they don’t plan any celebrations without you. You can also attach relevant PDFs or links to the reminders for clarity and create separate work and home folders.

4. PodBean

PodBean is the best education service help app

PodBean keeps you up to date with all the topics you study in your courses. You can find any topic either it be related to education or general discussion. The app allows you to download the pods and listen to them offline. Also, you can create your own playlist, arrange your downloads however you like. Also, it provides the opportunity to create and upload your podcast channel.

5. Circleof6

circle of 6 app is the best way to achive grades

While studying for months to achieve good grades, most of the student’s energy is consumed in taking stress. This calls for going out to have dinner or a movie to release tension. Circleof6 lets you have your fun while guaranteeing you full protection. With this application, you can connect to 6 of the most trusted people in your life to look after you when you’re away. All your emergency contact numbers and national hotlines are saved in this application.

6. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is always helpful for students in every step.

Microsoft Office, one of the product that you have been using since your childhood. It is essential to have Office’s applications always in your phone. If you have an urgent presentation or a document to write, Microsoft office has got your back. The basic version of the application is free and can be easily downloaded from your play/app store. Also, Microsoft Office for the desktop version is a paid service.

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Published by Barbara Haywood

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